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"Authentic Ally Challenge"

Learn How To Ditch the Guilt, Stop Performing, and Take Purposeful Action as an Ally for Racial Equity

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This Challenge is For You If...

  • You've been walking on eggshells trying to make sure that you don't "offend" anyone by saying something culturally insensitive.

  • You've gone from excited to fatigued when it comes to learning about diversity, equity, and inclusion.

  • You feel at a loss for what DAILY, PRACTICAL, HIGH-IMPACT actions you can take to support your diverse colleagues and coworkers.

  • You're ready to get off the "woke"-a-coaster of trying to stay on top of weekly changes in vocabulary that everyone expects you to know right away.

  • You're ready to build your cultural competence in a way that's AUTHENTIC to who YOU are.

  • You're ready to  show up confidently at work as an ally for racial equity.

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Micro-Learning Sessions for Easy Understanding

Here's What You'll Learn

Module #1- Building Your Cultural Competence as a Professional

  • Why allyship is an imperative for today's professionals.

  • Honoring Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

  • Success Factors for DEI Learning & Development

  • People Love to Learn But Hate to Change

Module #2- Introduction to Allyship

  • Allyship Myths

  • Foundations of Cultural Competence

  • 5 Ways to Accelerate Your Cultural Competence

  • How to spot (and AVOID) "inauthentic" allyship actions.

Module #3- Prerequisites for Allyship

  • The prerequisites for allyship that you need to acknowledge BEFORE taking action.

  • 3 Domains of Allyship

  • Mastering Authentic Allyship Conversations

  • Strategies for having PRODUCTIVE conversations about diversity, equity, and inclusion with loved ones, colleagues, and friends.


  • Strategies for Activating Your Allyship With Ease

  • How to create a simple "Allyship Activation Plan" to hold yourself accountable for showing up in an equitable and inclusive way at work.

  • Strategies for staying mentally tough in a world where people are being EXCLUSIONARY in the name of inclusion.


Special Pricing Expires Feb. 28th


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