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Thank you for your interest in booking Dr. Brandi for your event! To keep this process as seamless as possible, we've put together a few resources and information that will help your team successfully complete the booking process.


If you have any questions, email


  • Can I access a list of Dr. Brandi's previous speaking engagements?
    Please access the document below for a list of select engagements.
  • What are Dr. Brandi's Signature Topics?
    Dr. Brandi will design a custom presentation based on the needs of your conference, event, or company professional development event. She is often booked to discuss the following broad topics: The Future of Work Creating Equitable Workplaces Endangered Industries Leadership Psychology Multigenerational Workforce Development Strategies Entrepreneurship Again, these are broad categories and do not fully represent the scope of Dr. Brandi's knowledge and what she provides to her clients. During your pre-engagement call, she will work to identify your needs and co-design an experience that works well with what you're seeking.
  • I know Dr. Brandi speaks on a variety of topics, does she have any free diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) resources or thought leadership that I can get access to?
    Absolutely! Here's a link to a variety of resources that Dr. Brandi has put together related to DEI.
  • What is the first step to booking Dr. Brandi?
    STEP 1- Complete the Speaker Request Form & Await Approval In order for your event to be formally considered among other inquiries that we receive, you will be required to complete our official speaker request form. Requests are reviewed on a rolling basis, and our team typically responds within 2-3 business days. In some cases, we are not able to accommodate speaking requests. If that applies to your event, we will send you a "rejection" letter explaining why Dr. Brandi is unable to participate. If the rejection is due to a scheduling conflict, and your event day/time is flexible, simply respond to that email with an alternate day/time and we will work to secure the new day/time on Dr. Brandi's calendar. ​ ​
  • What happens after our event is approved?
    STEP 2- Schedule a Pre-Event Planning Meeting with Dr. Brandi Dr. Brandi has never facilitated a speaking engagement the same way twice. She does not have "canned" content and is committed to tailoring your topic to fit the purpose, energy, and tenor of your event. During the pre-planning meeting you will be able to review any relevant information that will help Dr. Brandi customize the presentation for your audience. ​ STEP 3- Get Access to Dr. Brandi's Full Bio, Marketing Assets, & Docs You will receive access to all of the marketing assets, bios, and important documents that your team will need in preparation for the event. You will also be able to upload documents that you'd like our team to have access to (Ex. event marketing image etc.). ​ STEP 4- Finalize Event Logistics & Send Over Presentation Deck(s) 1-Week Prior to Event One week prior to the event, we will conduct a final review of the event logistics, and contact you if we're missing anything like webinar links, travel information etc. If Dr. Brandi is using a presentation deck for your event, we will send that to you as well. Please note, that presentation decks cannot be sent over more than 1-week prior to your event. STEP 5- Enjoy an AMAZING Event Experience & Share Event Feedback with the Team After your event concludes, you may opt to do a quick debrief on-the-spot, or send over any feedback that you have. Many of our event hosts simply send us an email that says "Thank you Dr. Brandi, that was great!". Of course, we'd love it if happy clients can leave Dr. Brandi a LinkedIn recommendation to continue to support her impact. * Pricing and fees are discussed in the following section.
  • What are Dr. Brandi's fees? How does pricing work?
    Dr. Brandi's speaking fees start at $20,000USD. Booking fees may vary for virtual engagements, and depending on the nature of the partnership (i.e. book purchases, multiple engagements, etc.) however, please discuss with her team during the booking process. Email:
  • Does Dr. Brandi accept pro-bono speaking requests?
    Yes! As a part of her annual "Give Back" initiative, Dr. Brandi partners with select education and community-based organizations to participate in speaking engagements on a pro bono ore significantly reduced-fee basis. If you would like to invite Dr. Brandi to speak at your event, please complete this form at your earliest convenience. There are select openings each year that are filled on a first-come first-served basis. Please note: If your event is a paid ticketed event, it will not be eligible for Dr. Brandi to speak pro-bono.
  • Do we need to sign a contract/agreement?
    All paid speaking engagements will require a contract. We can provide one, or your organization can send one over for us to sign.
  • How do I submit payment for Dr. Brandi's engagement?
    We will generate an electronic invoice and send it to the primary contact at your organization for your event. A 50% deposit will be due to secure your requested date(s) on Dr. Brandi's calendar. The balance will be due based on the contract terms. We understand that some organizations have a several week process for external vendors to be approved and paid. In an effort to make sure that Dr. Brandi is able to fulfill her obligations to speak at your event, we ask that, a) you send over any relevant forms in a timely manner, and that b) you submit forms to your billing office so that Dr. Brandi is paid in a timely manner, and c) communicate to us openly if your internal organizational process cannot accommoodate our timeline. As long as we are aware of timelines, we can adjust the agreement on our end to accommodate your organization's process.
  • Can we purchase Dr. Brandi's books in lieu of paying a keynote fee?
    Not at this time. While we have worked with MANY organizations who either purchase books, or identify a sponsor who can purchase the books on their behalf, Dr. Brandi still requires her minimum speaking fee for paid engagements. If you are interested in purchasing copies of Dr. Brandi's books for your audience, simply let our team know in the Speaker Request form. At this time, we cannot accommodate mailing orders of Dr. Brandi's books to your individual event attendees if necessary. Alternatively, we can mail the full amount of books to your organization and allow your team to disperse them. Digital copies of her books are available as well.
  • Can we purchase Dr. Brandi's books even if we're paying her fee?
    Of course! If you're interested in purchasing books for your event attendees, please let us know by emailing and we'll connect you with our publisher. Please note that any books must be prepaid before they will be ordered or shipped. Keep this in mind when planning your event. The publisher will not order your books until a payment is received.
  • Is Dr. Brandi accepting in-person speaking engagements at this time?
    Yes! If you are planning a live event, please remember that all travel, lodging, and ground transportation expenses will have to be paid by your organization. In addition, reasonable on-site health and safety measures should be taken to ensure both your attendees and Dr. Brandi remain safe.
  • Things You Need to Know About Hosting Dr. Brandi for Your Virtual Event
    Arrival for Your Event- Dr. Brandi will log in approximately 15 minutes prior to the start of the event to check in with your team. Presentation Decks- Dr. Brandi's team will send any presentation decks to your team within one week prior to the event. We are unable to send presentation decks any sooner than that. Platforms to Use- Your organization is required to host the event using a platform that you select. A link for Dr. Brandi to gain access to the event must be sent within one week of the event. Pre-Event Meetings- Because Dr. Brandi speaks at over 40 events annually, she is only able to accommodate one pre-event meeting. Please use this time wisely as you will need to communicate via email if you have any other pre-event questions for her team. Q&A- If Dr. Brandi is speaking on a panel, she will defer to the format that your organization provides with regard to Q&A, etc. If she is the primary speaker for a talk that lasts more than 30-minutes, she will allow Q&A throughout and will facilitate that herself. Moderation- It will be helpful if a member of your team is made available to partner with Dr. Brandi during the live event to help with Q&A and other logistics. Pre-recorded Engagements- Dr. Brandi is available to submit a pre-recorded keynote or talk for your event. Please indicate this request on the Speaker Request Form so that our production team can plan accordingly. Event Introductions- Dr. Brandi's bio will be provided to you before the event. Kindly note that Dr. Brandi prefers her bio NOT to be read word-for-word. If possible, please have someone on your team introduce Dr. Brandi in a natural manner, highlighting key aspects of her bio that will best resonate with your audience.
  • I have another question that is not addressed here. Who can I contact?
    Simply email with any additional questions you may have. Thank you!
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