CEO speaking at IKEA for Black History Month

IKEA, the leading store for well-designed, functional home furnishing products at affordable prices, invited Millennial Ventures CEO Dr. Brandi to be the Global Keynote Speaker in the celebration of the Black History Month

The event last February 3 was a collaboration between IKEA’s Mosaic CRG group and Dr. Brandi where the CEO shared her thought leadership to help activate allyship and inspire a long-term positive social impact within the company.

Her message to take immediate and focused purposeful action to be an equitable and inclusive professional called not just to commemorate Black History Month that started from Kent State University in 1970 but to push for a better change for the present and future, carrying legacies and memories while building foundations for the future.

This year’s Black History Month runs with the theme Black Health and Wellness and looks into the healthcare and well-being of the African-American community.

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