LEAPcast with Dr. Brandi

Millennial Ventures CEO Dr. Brandi Baldwin was featured as a guest in Dr. George James' podcast LEAPcast that features Leaders, Entertainers, Athletes and Performers.

The episode entitled “Avoiding PerFAKEtionism”, Dr. George James and Dr. Brandi talked about creating a different identity from your authentic self to show other people that you are something other than who you actually are.

Baldwin shared, “In an age where ‘looking’ good is a big thing, promotions and busy jobs make you look more important and being ‘perfect’ is a social media magnet, people tend to forget that being true to yourself is more important than faking it until you make it.”

Dr. Brandi shared many inspiring thoughts about surrendering what you are for what you could become, learn about yourself and rise above being fake.

The podcast can be listened to via iTunes, Spotify and on YouTube.

Dr. George James can also be found on Instagram, Twitter and on Facebook.

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