Millennial Ventures CEO Joins NextFab's Investment Committee

Millennial Ventures CEO Dr. Brandi Baldwin, has been invited to be part of NextFab's Investment Committee. This committee interviews finalists that have ideas, products and technologies that need support for its development. that have passed through multiple interview stages.

As an avid supporter of the entrepreneurial community in Philadelphia and beyond. Dr. Brandi continues to lend her expertise in the entrepreneurial space, using her innate discerning eye for limitless potentials within people, ideas and technologies, to identify innovations that greatly need support like funding and promotion. It is also through this that the MV CEO is helping entrepreneurs and leaders reach their goals in their own startup journey.

NextFab brought its network of collaborative makerspaces for creators of any skill level or interest. The company provides access to machinery, education, membership, community, events and professional services that may be needed by developers.

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