MV CEO Joins POC HR Power Summit

Human Resources is now given more focus as greater responsibilities are being piled upon them and more leadership roles are emerging from within.

Color, an affiliate of BridgeTower Media, presented the Professionals of Color (POC) HR Power Summit last April 13th to provide HR professionals exclusive access to the latest HR strategies, solutions and best practices.

The program also welcomed emerging leaders and high performers to enhance their leadership ability as well as give them opportunities to grow as they take on greater leadership responsibilities in their own organizations.

One of the Emerging Leader Workshop speakers that was invited to the event is the founder and CEO of Millennial Ventures Holdings, Dr. Brandi Baldwin, to talk about Leadership Skills in 2022.

Dr. Brandi had been sharing her expertise through various platforms and had always been an advocate in leading millennials in developing their leadership skills and to emerge as leaders in their own circles.

Other speakers for the Emerging Leaders Track are Adriana Dawson, Community Engagement Director at Verizon, Dr. Velda McRae-Yates, the Director of Enterprise Staffing & Support, HR Division, of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Benny Belvin II, the Assistant Dean for Career Development at Brandeis University and Dr. Ginny Baro, CEO of Executive Bound.

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