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Learn How To Go From Being Overlooked, Overwhelmed, and Undervalued at Work, to Becoming a High-Impact, Opportunity-Magnet 
(Whether You Have a Leadership Title or Not)

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This Challenge is For You If...

  • You're tired of feeling like you need to bow-down to shady workplace politics to get ahead.

  • You feel like you're seen as disposable/replaceable at your company.

  • You've been overlooked for 1 or more opportunities that you KNOW you were well-qualified for.

  • You don't have a strategy to get ahead in your career.

  • You want the recognition you deserve so that your talents can shine (instead of always making other people look good)

  • You want to increase your impact and become an internal "influencer" while still being your authentic self.

(Reg. Price $497. New Year's Special expires February 3rd, 2022)

Each Lesson is 10-mins or Less!

Micro-Learning Modules to Get You Results

Module #1

  • Auditing your current brand.

  • Letting go of the "old you"

  • Becoming a leader by character

  • Identifying your strengths

  • How to overcome your new brand in a dysfunctional company culture

  • 60-day implementation plan

Module #3

  • Understanding the purpose of conflict competence

  • Identify your conflict style

  • Understand the appropriate scenarios for using each conflict style

  • Alternatives to "arguing" with others

  • Alternatives to "avoiding" others

  • Dealing with difficult people

  • Thriving within dysfunctional organizations

  • 60-day implementation plan

​Module #5

  • Understanding organizational politics

  • Navigating organizational politics with a leadership mindset

  • How to thrive within a dysfunctional context

  • Create a strategy for your brand in the midst of a highly political organization

  • 60-day implementation plan

Module #2

  • How to recognize your own and others' emotions

  • Identifying emotional triggers

  • Removing dysfunctional emotional habits

  • Learning how to create new responses to negative experiences

  • 60-day implementation plan

Module #4

  • Understanding communication rules and norms

  • Crash course in cultural communication

  • Communicating as a leader

  • Define relational communication

  • Learn the importance of listening as a communication skill

  • 60-day implementation plan

​Module #6

  • Developing the character of a leader inside and outside of the workplace

  • Maximizing your performance as a leader

  • Self-assessment framework for personal accountability

  • 60-day implementation plan

(Reg. Price $497. New Year's Special expires February 3rd, 2022)

Special Pricing Expires Feb. 3rd


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