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Here to Impact, Not to Impress


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200k+ trained & advised

500+ keynotes & presentations

200+ companies served


The Entrepreneur

Startup Founder

Dr. Brandi Baldwin is the CEO of Millennial Ventures, an award-winning startup launching social impact projects in the education and workforce innovation space. 

Dr. Brandi is a former Wharton Business School Lecturer and was previously appointed to the Philadelphia Mayor's Millennial Advisory Commission. Other noteworthy accomplishments include being named one of Philadelphia's Most Influential African Americans, receiving the Business Journal's 40 Under 40 award, and the "Take the Lead" award from the Girl Scouts. She also sits on the Technology Review Committee at Ben Franklin Technology Partners and is a member of the Investment Committee at NextFab Ventures.

Helping Organizations Navigate the Future of Work

Dr. Brandi works with forward thinking companies that are seeking out-of-the-box ideas to motivate, inspire, and advise their employees, teams, and leaders. She is dedicated to helping companies ignite workplace unity, demonstrating a profound commitment to their employees' success and fostering an environment where everyone feels valued and empowered. She is an expert at crafting strategies that genuinely enhance organizational equity, steering clear of unproductive politics, performative actions, and people-shaming. Whether live or online, she's bringing high energy, witty commentary, and new perspectives to help organizations increase their competitive advantage.  

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The Speaker


The Advocate

Taking on The Enemies of Our Future

Dr. Brandi is laser-focused on preparing the masses for the future by taking on, what she calls, the "enemies of our future". She is teaching professionals what each of those "enemies" are and how they can secure their family's future today. Each week, she shares targeted strategies with thousands of professionals, empowering them to safeguard their future amidst rapid global changes and the impending recession that is poised to disrupt millions of lives forever.

Inspiring Women to be Rare Not Relevant 

Dr. Brandi always played by the rules. She strived to be an "A" student, was president of the student government, ran track, played in the orchestra, went to college and got three degrees-- all because the "world" told her that those things would make her "successful". Welp... after accumulating all of those superficial accomplishments, she was still left feeling like a failure. She lacked self-confidence, and realized that she was living a life of 'per-fake-tion'. Now, using Biblical principles, she's on a mission to inspire a movement of multigenerational women who know how to embrace their "rare" and to let go of the need to follow the world's standards of success and happiness.


The Faith Leader


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