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2023 Speaking Engagements

It's hard to truly describe what happens when

Dr. Brandi speaks at an event. She's witty, relatable, inspiring, and sharp as a tack, but there's an even more powerful energy that you can only experience if you're in the room. 

Select Engagements

March 2023

Conference Keynote 

Vertex, Inc. 
Women's History Month


Scaling & Promoting Equity in the Workplace

Johnson & Johnson

May 2023

Diversity & Inclusion Training
U.S. Federal Government
Social Security Administration



DEIB Best Practices Training

Arizona State University
W.P Carey School of Business

June 2023


Executive Leadership Forum

American Society of Association Executives


Johnson Kendall Johnson - DEI Training

August 2023

Conference Keynote

Power Up Teen Summit

October 2023

Conference Keynote

CSI National Conference

Conference Keynote
DEI Meet and Greet

Montgomery County Pennsylvania


DEI Consulting

NC Dental Society
All Star Conference


November 2023

Conference Keynote

GMVC Summit 

December 2023

Conference Keynote

Regional Emerging Multicultural Leadership Experience (YMCA)

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