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Disrupting & De-politicizing Diversity Equity & Inclusion

Dr. Brandi's Select DEI Clients

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Dr. Brandi Baldwin is a distinguished global leader and visionary in leadership and future of work space. Renowned for her against-the-grain approach, Dr. Brandi partners with corporations worldwide, enhancing their company culture, fostering equitable employee engagement, and igniting workplace unity.  


Her unique and insightful perspectives on diversity, equity, and inclusion offer a refreshing approach, steering clear of over-politicized narratives and inviting audiences to engage in more innovative and inclusive discussions.

As a change catalyst in this field, Dr. Brandi has been instrumental in assisting numerous organizations to unravel the complexities of organizational development, significantly contributing to their business success and transformative growth. 

Enjoy the curated content below that represents thought leadership that Dr. Brandi has developed regarding all things diversity, equity, and inclusion during her role as Senior Partner of the Calling All Allies Project, a global DEI firm that she founded through Millennial Ventures.

Exclusive Video Podcasts & More

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Tanesha Jones, DEI Leader
IKEA North America

Dr. Brandi facilitated a session for us that was relatable to the C-suite Executives and our front line co-workers alike. The audience was the most engaged they had ever been. Since the event, the organization is still abuzz as she made a lasting impression and will be invited back as we continue our learning journey. 

derek pickell.jpg

Derek Pickell, CEO
CompuGroup Medical

Dr. Brandi helped us jumpstart our Equity Program just before a recent acquisition. It was her energy that immediately made her stand out from other consultants we vetted. Not only does she bring knowledge and expertise, but she communicates it in a easy-to-digest way. Her insights were invaluable and helped us integrate our DEI efforts into our company culture.

xavior robinson.jpg

Xavior Robinson, COO
Pathways to Housing PA

Dr. Brandi helped Pathways apply an evidence-based and data-driven organizational development lens to our DEI work resulting in systemic advancements to promote equity across the entire agency. We have worked with her for several years from the board to our managers and our front line staff and she has been a valuable resources for our leadership team.

suellen merck.jpg

Suellen Rodriguez, Global D&I

Dr. Brandi's learning and development program was empowering and full of energy! Her direct yet humanistic approach dismantled the biases an dpossible barriers that someone could face when addressing intricate subjects like DEI. She related to our entire global staff, from our U.S. based employees to those in other countries around the world. We are forever grateful.

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